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          ITS Service LocoMobi2.0


          SaaS based ITS Service improves the efficiency of customers' business by collecting and analyzing automotive data and road information e.g. traffic jam.


          • 鈥?/span>VICS錛歏ehicle Information and Communication System


          • LocoMobi2.0 Application provides the Business Specific application through the process of "Co-creation" with specific customers
          • LocoMobi2.0 Platform collects not only car and roadside sensor data, but external data such as open data, which is derived from government probe etc. By fully taking advantage of our development/analysis expertise, the platform provides functionalities such as location management, traffic jam prediction, arrival prediction and so on.

          Use Cases

          • Improvement of business efficiency for public carriers, construction companies etc.
          • Up-to-date road condition information service by collecting and analyzing car and roadside sensor data
          • Support of social experiment, which is conducted by the government
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