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          -Recycler G7

          ATM-Recycler G7 is OKI's seventh generation(*1) cash recycling ATM for the global market, providing satisfaction to all customers relating to ATMs with the following seven (7) features starting with "G".


          ATM-Recycler G7


          • Adaptation to various world wide banknote
          • ECB Article.6 (optional)


          • OKI's original mechatronics and notes recognition technology
          • In-house designing & manufacturing

          Good capability

          • Large capacity
          • High speed transaction
          • Flexible cassette structure

          Easy Guidance

          • Easy operation by simple transport route
          • Attentive guidance


          • Efficient cash management by cash recycling
          • Cost savings by easy maintenance


          • High reliability by short and simple transport route
          • Automatic jam recovery function
          • Anti-skimming

          Green consciousness

          • Lower power consumption
          • Lower weight
          • Compliant to RoHS
          Inquiry about ATM-Recycler G7
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