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          Corporate Information

          From "Oki Electric" to "OKI" Aiming for a global brand OKI

          About the OKI brand

          The missions of the OKI Group are to contribute to the realization of an information society that enables to achieve the dreams and hopes of stakeholders and to ensure "peace of mind" for the people around the world through our activities accordingly. In parallel with such a global strategy, we will establish the OKI brand as a reliable partner of our customers in the world in order to continue OKI's mission continuously.

          Brand statement, "Open up your dreams"

          Brand statement, "Open up your dreams," It expresses the value that the OKI offers to our customers and all other stakeholders. It's OKI's commitments.

          OKIOpen up your dreams
          The brand statement of OKI expresses the opening of a door to a society, where people around the world can lead more lives that are enriched, safe and secure. The statement also expresses our dream to contribute to the information society that enables to achieve the dreams and hopes of stakeholders.
          "Opening up your dreams" and "accomplishing our ambitions" are OKI’s commitments that are inherent in its brand statement. OKI opens up your dreams

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